For several months, now, I’ve been using your Ultra Omega-Linic and Ultra-Preventive.  
Love ‘em.
Ultra Adrenal Complex
Happy with those, last month I added your Ultra-Adrenal Complex.

I expected it would take some time for me to notice anything earth-shaking; if anything at all. I know the benefits of supplementation can seem subtle. Sometimes they’re not really something you notice – you can just “feel” that  they’re “good for you.”

You can imagine my surprise, then, when just four days into using Ultra-Adrenal I noticed a major positive effect.

I’m a shade over 60. My job is pretty intense. And I have hobbies and interest beyond my profession.

For about the last year, I’ve been getting home from work exhausted. Seriously exhausted. Sometimes so tired that I could almost cry.

I’ve been caving in to the fatigue and retiring no later than 8PM.  That’s crazy.

With Ultra-Adrenal in the mix, that’s all suddenly changed. I get home from work just rarin’ to go. I feel as good at 7 PM as I do at 10 AM!

So I ran the math: 

Since I’m now retiring at 11 PM (and still feeling great), instead of 8 PM (at the latest), I figure Ultra-Adrenal is adding a solid three extra hours to my every day!  

Oh! And I get those extra hours without unpleasant side effects – like the caffeine shakes, or the Red Bull rush followed by a devastating let-down.

What does it mean to me? Simple: Three extra hours times 365 days in a year come out to 1,095 new, free hours.  Divide 1095 by eight. That gets me 136 extra 8-hour days per year! And I can tell you this: 

Believe me – I can get a lot done with 136 extra days per year!

Thank you Nutrition Pure and Simple. Thank you D. Jones! 
T.P., Carmichael, CA
republished 10/15

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