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We provide top quality Nutritional, Skin Care and Aromatherapy products from Time Laboratories. 

Nutritional supplements, NutraHerbals, Aromatherapy (Windrose Aromatics) and Skin Care (Salon and Spa) are top Quality.  The ingredients in our products are natural (phyto -> from plants and nature), supplied by well respected USA and/or European vendors, and they are analyzed for purity and quality. 

This website is devoted to people like you who seek information about ways to use nutritional supplements to stay healthy or solve health problems.  We bring you over 200 years of experience and knowledge about supplements and nutrition. 

The deep medical reasons behind the way we craft each of our products are here on the web site, and all are based on years of successful use by health care providers.  

Dare to Compare

Every day, some company tries to sell you some new nutritional supplement that they say makes all the other products obsolete. Who should you believe? Why is this $33 bottle of Vitamins any better than the $10 multivitamin bottle from that big box store? 

Answer: we start with quality ingredients from reputable suppliers. Each product is tested to make sure the claims of content are correct. Dietary supplement formulations are research based, and proven in clinical settings

Next, we rely upon knowledgeable resources to formulate what ingredients go into a product. For instance, we challenge you to compare your multi vitamin/mineral product to the one formulated by our Nutritional Consultant, John W Jones, MD, MPH. Ultra Vites (and the other multis from Time Labs that he has formulated) has high levels of immediately available nutrients.  This gives you a better use of your supplement dollars!

Our preference is to use capsules rather than tablets. This increases the availability but limits the amount of product that can be put in the capsule. We use the most bioavailable form of the supplement (mineral chelate not salt, for instance) rather than the form that takes the least amount of space. These are some of reasons it takes two capsules to our  Ultra Vites rather than “one little pill” 

Some companies use product that is poorly absorbed to save space, and then use too much compression of the tablet to get “lots of things” into “one little pill”. This often results in the passage of the tablet intact into the toilet. Do not believe that “the active ingredients have been absorbed from the tablet” as is sometimes suggested by the manufacturer.  When we use tablets for delivery we make certain they are not overly compressed and that they are tested to make certain they dissolve easily to release the nutrients. These are a few of  the reasons our products seem more expensive - when in reality they cost less because they deliver!  
NoteUltra-Monolaurin is a lipid  medium-chain fatty acid.  This means that it will not dissolve in water, but is quickly absorbed into the lymphatics of the small intestine.

 Don't be fooled by terms such as
  • Medical Grade' or '
  • Pharmaceutical Grade'
which apply to drugs rather than dietary supplements.
Our manufacturerTime Laboratories has been a leader in the natural products industry since 1972.  This American company is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant and manufactures dietary supplements using the highest quality raw materials including USP grade vitamins and minerals, and HPLC analyzed herbal extracts obtained from well respected American and European sources and manufactured under strict quality standards. 

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