Quality Matters!

Your surgeon doesn’t buy his instruments off the shelf at a discount store. He buys the very best he can find because he has to work with those instruments, day in – day out, for years and years. Each instrument is made for a specific purpose and must do its job right EVERY TIME.  

Good enough is not in a surgeon’s vocabulary. It must be THE BEST!

This not only applies to your surgeon, but to every health care specialty.

And that’s very much what we at Nutrition Pure and Simple are all about!

Our business includes sales to many health care professionals who feel their needs are much like those of your surgeon.   They consider the quality of the products they prescribe or recommend to their patients. If their patients are going to use a nutritional supplement recommended by them, then, just like the surgeon’s instrument, it had better do what it’s supposed to do!

Professionals know that nutritional supplements are not all created equally. Most supplements contain several ingredients.  Each ingredient is for a specific purpose and it must, not only work as expected, it has to be in the precise proportion to other ingredients to make the whole “package” maximally effective.

Finding these ingredients, determining their optimum proportions and combining them to make an integrated whole is work for the professional. Many of the products you’ll find here are formulated by John W. Jones, MD, MPH, a professional with many years of hands-on experience providing medical care, studying nutritional needs, and demanding the very best. His Nutritional Recommendations (protocols) combine supplements to their best advantage to help solve particular health problems.

It’s like having Your Own Personal Nutritionally Oriented Medical Doctor.

Ultra Omega-Linic is an example of a product formulated by Dr Jones which satisfies his quest for quality ingredients. Our fish oil comes from the pristine protected fisheries of Alaska.

Dr Jones is always following current research to help you get the very best 'tools'.

That’s why we make no apologies for our prices. We know very well that we don’t offer the lowest prices on the Internet. That’s precisely because our highest goal is providing nutritional supplements which work for you – which is always the very best value!

We’re proud of that.

There are some people that seem to know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.  Because you’re here, and you’ve come this far, we don’t think that’s you.

You’re a savvy shopper when you use Nutrition Pure and Simple products. 

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