You can avoid these complications of aging!

Yes you can keep a healthy mind and body as you age!

If you haven’t all the things you want,
be grateful for the things you don’t have that you wouldn’t want.

by John W Jones, MD, MPH

don't grow old

Ultra Omega-Linic
Ultra Vites
Ultra Preventive
Ultra Monolaurin
Vitamin E 400

More Recommendations

Choline Inositol
Ultra DM Complex
Vitamin C-500
Enzymes Plus

My General recommendations to maintain health:

I have include nutrients for normal, well adults | I recommend levels that are appropriate to the health found in a young person.

  1. Basic Nutritional supplementation  (Ultra Omega-Linic, Ultra Vites minimum daily)
  2. Exercise - This has a positive effect on your mental functions as well as health preservation .
  3. Weight loss if appropriate
  4. Amino Acids to stimulate Human Growth Hormone if needed
  5. Protein if indicated
  6. Antioxidant support (Radical Resilience)

Other Anti-Aging Topics

 Choline and Inositol

Choline and Inositol were once considered important vitamins, but it has been found that in the younger individual they were almost always adequate.   However, in the aging population they are frequently deficient.   They are considered essential nutrients because the body cannot make enough of them for optimal function.  Some hormones in the brain depend on inositol to aid with proper function.   These hormones promote a sense of well being and happiness.   Choline is used to produce acetyl choline, which is involved in neural transmission.

InflamEase to combat Inflammation

Consider the antioxidant and antiinflammatory benefits of Inflamease, which contains proanthocyanidins from whole grape extract (with Resveritol).  This helps control pain.

Cover Your need for Protein 

A good source of Protein is also important in an aging population because the diet of older people is often inadequate, the protein needs are often high, and older people either don’t get adequate amounts of protein, or have difficulty digesting it.  As a group, older people don't chew well, don't smell well, are often poor and make poor food selections at the market.

Consider Spirulina Plus Green drink or Spirulina Capsules.

Spirulina is a source of protein from blue green algae.   It supplies peptides and polypeptides, and it contains all of the essential amino acids.   In addition the green drink contains probiotics, zeaxanthin and other phytonutrients

 Control your Blood Sugar with 3 ingredients!

Ultra DM Complex is a special formula from John W Jones, MD.    This potent anti oxidant product specifically targets diabetes and insulin resistance.

  • Alpha lipoic acid is best known for its antioxidant properties.  It regenerates other antioxidants like vitamin C and E.  Alpha Lipoic acid chelates and removes heavy metals.  It induces glutathione synthesis.  Alpha Lipoic acid causes increased uptake and utilization of glucose in the cell and has been showed to effectively increase the utilization of glucose at the cellular lever in Insulin resistance and insulin dependant diabetics.   Another benefit is that it reduces total cholesterol and increases HDL  cholesterol. The dose is rate limiting and its effect does not increase with dosage increase beyond 300 mg twice daily.
  • Cinnamon studies show that cinnamon has the ability to stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Chromium potentiates the effect of insulin.  GTF chromium is necessary for persons who cannot make the conversion in the body that is necessary for this effect.

 Vitamin C plus Rutin

Vitamin C 500 support is very important to maintain health.  Rutin is a flavonol glycoside comprised of Quercetin and rutinose.  Almost all of its actions are due to the release of Quercetin when it reaches the colon.  Rutin has antiinflammatory, anti-allergy and immuno-modulating activity.  Rutin is useful in the management of venous edema and capillary fragility.  It also reduces the cytotoxicity of oxidized LDL cholesterol. 

 Ginko - More help for the Brain

Ginkgo increases blood flow to the brain, increases metabolic efficiency, regulates neuro transmitters, and boosts oxygen levels in the brain. These effects improve short and long term memory, increase reaction time, and improve mental clarity. It is also supportive in treating impotence and infertility in men. 
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