You can avoid these complications of aging!

How can you keep a healthy mind and body as you age?

Pain, Depression and lack of sleep are common complaints!
by John W Jones, MD, MPH

Ultra Omega-Linic
Ultra Vites
Ultra Monolaurin
Vitamin E 400

Anti Aging Anti-
Pain Choices

Opti-MSM Lotion Plus

For Sleep:

5-HTP Plus

My General recommendations for healthy Aging:

I have include nutrients for normal, well adults | I recommend levels that are appropriate to the health found in a young person.

  1. Basic Nutritional supplementation  (Ultra Omega-Linic, Ultra Vites minimum daily)
  2. Exercise - This has a positive effect on your mental functions as well as health preservation .
  3. Weight loss if appropriate
  4. Amino Acids to stimulate Human Growth Hormone if needed
  5. Protein if indicated
  6. Antioxidant support (Radical Resilience)

Other Anti-Aging Topics

Pain interferes with Sleep and may cause Depression

Pain is a major problem for most of us at one time or another. It becomes an increasing problem as we age. 

It is a common reason for lack of exercise and lack of sleep. As stated above, exercise is a major factor in healthy aging. I have a number of nutritional recommendations for pain relief in my Musculoskeletal Pain protocol.  One of the major benefits of Ultra Omega-Linic comes from its anti inflammatory response.   It also helps prevent joint disintegration.    Most people see a marked decrease in musculoskeletal pain when they use it. 

My Pain protocol,  has recommendations for sleep and depression.

 Drug FREE topical Pain Relief

Topical application of my Opti-MSM Lotion Plus quickly and effectively relieves musculoskeletal and other types of pain.  We use it for kitchen burns and bug bites. Patients have reported an improvement in skin conditions - including the disappearance of stretch marks. Scarred skin fades and becomes more flexible.

NSAID Alternatives

OTC pain relievers have side effects. 
I have used Yucca in the same way that others have used aspirin and NSAIDs - with very good results.  2 capsules 3 or 4 times per day as needed effectively relieves minor aches and pains.
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