Aging - Missing your growth hormone?

How can you keep a healthy mind and body as you age?

Can you have more growth hormone?  Does it matter?
by John W Jones, MD, MPH

Maintian your energy

Ultra Omega-Linic
Ultra Vites
Ultra Preventive
Ultra Monolaurin
Vitamin E 400

Promote hGh


My General recommendations to maintain health:

I have include nutrients for normal, well adults.

  1. Basic Nutritional supplementation  (Ultra Omega-Linic, Ultra Vites minimum daily)
  2. Exercise - This has a positive effect on your mental functions as well as health preservation .
  3. Weight loss if appropriate
  4. Amino Acids to stimulate Human Growth Hormone if needed
  5. Protein if indicated
  6. Antioxidant support (Radical Resilience)

Other Anti-Aging Topics

 Nutritional Supplements can promote growth hormone

Human growth hormone (hGh) naturally decreases with age.   The natural spikes in your body's growth hormone occur around 7 AM, 4 PM and at bedtime.   If you are experiencing excessive fatigue, L-Arginine can be supplemented in the morning and/or afternoon at 2 grams.   If 2 grams are taken before exercise, it reduces recovery time.   Two (2) grams L-Arginine taken at bedtime produces a deep, natural sleep. 

If arginine produces a flare in type I or II herpes, match it gram for gram with L-Lysine (a weaker growth hormone stimulator).  l-Lysine  also has potent anti-viral activity.
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