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Since 1973, Time Laboratories has been a leading manufacturer of specialty nutritional supplements, expertly formulated herbal compounds, and phyto-aromatic products, supplying natural product companies, physicians, integrative health professionals, distributors, and the public.

Time Labs also offers custom product development and consulting services to the natural health care industry, specializing in herbal and phyto-aromatherapy products.
AnneMarie on the rightAnnemarie Buhler , the company’s founder, was an innovative and highly respected formulator.  She was one of the first to bring Aromatherapy Essential Oils from Europe to the United States.  She was also instrumental in the development of the first true time-release process used for vitamins and minerals.  Known internationally for her skill and dedication to phyto-aromatherapy, Mrs. Buhler was selected in 1993 as the U.S. delegate to the International Conference for Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy in Tunisia.  Her children, grandchildren, and loyal staff are proud to continue her legacy of providing excellent service and high quality formulations.

Product Development

Many years of research and manufacturing experience allow Time Laboratories to formulate customized products containing only the finest botanicals and raw materials imported from around the world.

Nutritional Products

Renewal Skin CareTime Labs offers a unique approach: An  Inside Out Health Maintenance System™.  The specialized capsules, tablets, powders and liquid supplements are formulated with plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and more!

Glycerin macerates are made from only freshly harvested young shoots, buds, roots, and other specific embryonic plant materia

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Mother Tinctures

Various parts of the mature, fresh plant are used in making Mother Tinctures.  The plant material is macerated in a solution of alcohol and water for precise periods of time, depending upon the kind of plant material, before undergoing filtration.  The maceration process liberates a wealth of valuable constituents and energy potentials contained in the plants.  Mother Tinctures likewise help the body to regain and maintain health by expelling toxins and stimulating drainage.

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Gemmotherapy Glycerin Macerats

The term gemmotherapy is derived from the Latin word gemma meaning GemmoTherapyswelling, bud, or gem.  Gemmotherapy is a therapeutic system that uses glycerin macerates made from only freshly harvested young shoots, buds, roots, and other specific embryonic plant material to assist the stimulation of organs and the elimination of toxic materials from the body.  Developed in France some fifty years ago, this healing system was originally called phytoembryothérapie and is still sometimes referred to as embryophytotherapy.  Gemmotherapy has benefited from many years of extensive clinical research.

WINDROSE AROMATICS - a division of Time Laboratories

Windrose Aromatics

Winrose Aromatics
This is The Time Labs authentic aromatherapy line.  There are more than eighty Pure and Genuine Essential Oils.  Time Labs also has a variety of expertly blended pure Essential Oil Combinations. We also feature their exclusive, patented Ultra Jet System Diffusors. 

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Phyto-Aromatic Collections

Salon & SpaTime Laboratories Phyto-Aromatic Collections include a complete line of Skin & Body Care, Massage Treatments, Natural Base Products, Pure Carrier Oils, Bath Collection, and Specialty Products.

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Offering you the highest level of Natural Active ingredients available in the industry.  

NOTE:  Skin Care products are all natural - no artificial anything.  Therefore, they are perishable.  Please keep them protected from heat and sun exposure - best used shortly after arrival.


Time Labs Private Label Service offers many options.  From our extensive phyto-aromatic skin and body care collections, complete aromatherapy line, and nutritional support products, we help you choose your own privately labeled products. (Minimum for TL stock products labeled with your own label: 100 bottles per SKU).


Opti MSM Lotion PlusAs a Valuable Benefit, Time Labs offers custom blending for Health Professionals as well as custom formulating for companies large and small. The experienced staff at Time Laboratories has the knowledge and resources to fill your custom blends or help you develop your own ideas into custom dietary supplements, authentic aromatherapy products, or natural skin and body care.  In each stage of the creation of your custom products, we provide opportunities for modifications to ensure your satisfaction. (Minimum for custom tablets/capsules: 100K - a one time order of 50K is allowed to get you started.  Minimum for custom skin care and essential oils: 500 bottles per SKU.)

Dr Jones brags that his Opti-MSM Lotion Plus with MSM and Arnica has been made super special by the recommended additions of Essential Oils and natural ingredients recommended by the Time Labs staff..
 Products from Nature's Lab
Products from Nature's Lab

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