Your Security is important to us

Security Essentials: The Nutrition Pure and Simple store takes the security of your data very seriously.  Our site uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol for browsers that support 128-bit encryption. SSL encrypts information as it travels between your browser and the Nutrition Pure and Simple web server so that your purchase information cannot be read as it travels over the Internet.

Credit Card Information: The Nutrition Pure and Simple systems never retain your credit card information in our database. If we don't have it, nobody can get it out of our database. Your credit card information is collected and used for only as long as it takes to initiate your purchase. During that brief time, it is secured via SSL encryption technology.

Additional Security: Your account is protected by your password which not even we can know. If you lose your password, we can help you reset it, but we cannot recover it. This is another security best practice.  
We really appreciate your business