EFAs Softgels for Pregnancy  EFAs Softgels for Pregnancy

Mother's Milk for Growing Brains

EFAs Softgels for Pregnancy and Nursing Moms

Buy Ultra Omega-Linic

this One-Of-A-Kind Supplement
for Mom's 'n Babies. 

Ω  Ultra Omega-Linic
from  the absolute BEST
Wild Alaskan Salmon
fish oil available
on the market
- with  Black currant
seed oil. 
Ultra Omega-Linic EFA Softgels provide GLA to help you and your baby
get the most from your fish oil.

This EFA, Missing from fish oil supplements, is a powerful
anti inflammatory

Ω EPA - for how things work

Ω DHA - for structure

Trust the #1 Doctor Recommended EFAs Softgels for pregnancy and for nursing mothers.

Consult a qualified
health care provider
for advice before
beginning any new
health care program.

  • It is important to provide mothers and babies with LCPUFAs.

  • Be a Healthy mom with the best EFAs Softgelson the market. 

  • Our EFAs Softgels for Pregnancy is Safe for Mom and Baby

  • For uncountable reasons mother's milk is the best choice for a newborn.

  • Give your baby the best possible start in life.

  EFA Terms:Essential Fatty Acid Acronyms
      You know you want to take DHA during pregnancy.  But did you know that EPA and GLA are also essential?   All of these long chain fatty acids - and more - are in mother's milk!  One of the benefits of fish oil EFAs Softgels during breastfeeding is that both mother and baby prosper.

     A natural, safe fish oil supplement during pregnancy and while nursing provides support for both mom and baby. Mothers’ milk is considerably more complex than ANY infant formula on the market.  It contains substances and active compounds, some of which have yet to be identified, which promote the growth and development of the baby.   Besides the long chain fatty acids, mothers milk contains medium chain fatty acids which protect the baby from Infections.  Ultimately, the fats in mothers milk affect the baby's mental and physical development.

     The fish oil in Ultra Omega-Linic is pure.  We use Wild Alaskan Salmon from the cleanest water on earth.  It even tastes good - because by a special filter process the protein is removed - bonus: avoid Fishy BURPS! 

      During pregnancy and lactation the baby will take EFAs it needs from the mother.  If her supply is depleted then she is at risk for postpartum depression and other problems.   A natural fish oil supplement, EFAs in Softgels, may help prevent this problem.

     However, because the amount of EFAs from her diet can vary, so can the EFA content of Mother's milk.  Her supply may not be enough for both her needs and the needs of the baby.   There is an additional problem associated with the mother eating fish.  There is no easy way to determine if commercially available fish carries heavy metals or contains other toxic contaminants.  In fact, pregnant women in Hawaii are discouraged from eating any of the local fish.  And how do you know the toxicity level of the oil found in the usual fish oil capsules?  EFA Softgels for Pregnancy insures the safety of your fish oil supplement.

How can you be healthy during pregnancy and while Nursing - and give your baby the best possible start in life?

     If not already supplementing with Ultra Omega-Linic, you should add these Essential Fatty Acids (EFA softgels for Pregnancy) to your diet as early as possible in your pregnancy, but at least during the last trimester.  You should continue the daily dose of Opti-Pufa while nursing your baby.

    Ultra Omega-Linic can be used to supply adequate amounts of LCPUFAs to the baby.  How?  Poke a hole in the capsule and squirt the contents into the baby’s mouth.  Babies seem to actually enjoy the taste (try it, you’ll like it).

    Natural sources of LCPUFAs are superior to laboratory and/or genetically modified sources.  Yes, you will be able to achieve higher levels of a single specific EFA, such as DHA, when it is ‘created’.  But, by using a synthetic ingredient you will miss out on the other nutrients which naturally occur in fish oil.
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