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Nutrition Pure and Simple distributes products resulting from the work and research of John W. Jones, MD, MPH.  We believe that you’ll want to work with Nutrition Pure and Simple for the following reasons:
  • the superior quality of our products,
  • the experience and qualifications of, our Nutritional Consultant, John W Jones, MD,
  • our philosophy of preferring that health care professionals assist with their patients’ supplementation decisions. We believe that you have the best control when the patient purchases from you (or from us on your direction).
Qualified Health Care professionals may purchase all of our products. To qualify, please submit this Professional Account form  
Protocols are at the core of Dr. Jones' approach to nutritional supplementation. Starting with a Basic Protocol for robust health, other protocols are built upon the foundation to address various conditions and maladies.  The Basic Protocol is designed to support robust health and healthy aging by providing the nutrients so often missing in our modern diet, as well as lifestyle modifications.

Educational information, simple enough to be understood by the knowledgeable patient, is available on Dr Jones website, JJConsulting.  It contains sufficient depth of technical information to satisfy most practitioners.  And it is easy to request additional information if you need it.

We rely heavily on Dr Jones' nutritional protocols and product information, as well as his product formulations.  All of this material is available to you and your patients as pdf files on JJConsullting

As a bonus, Dr. Jones is available for professional consults about patients.

Superior Products: All of the raw materials in all of the products are from reputable USA and European suppliers.   And all are analyzed for purity and quality.   All of our products are provided by Time Laboratories.  This GMP Compliant company has been a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements since 1972.

Annemarie Buhler, the founder and president of Time Labs, is an innovative and highly respected formulator who provides more than thirty years of education and expertise.  For instance, she was instrumental in the development of the first true time-release process used for vitamins and minerals.

Time Labs uses only a tiny amount of microcrystalline cellulose in our capsules as necessary to provide a uniform weight. Tablets require a tiny amount of vegetable based, gluten free, ingredients as compressing aids.