Enzymes to Help Digestion!

   a discussion by Marilyn Sidwell
with oversight by John W Jones, MD
September 2016
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Enzymes Plus

Important Nutrients in the event of Poor

Is Constipation Normal?

The digestive problems of burping, belching, bloating, constipation and diarrhea are so common in our population that many people think that these reactions are “normal”.  They are NOT normal.  In addition, many are swayed by popular television advertising which promotes the idea that suppression of hydrochloric acid in the stomach will solve all digestive problems.  In fact, this hydrochloric acid suppression can cause even more problems.

The introduction of hydrochloric acid and pepsin is the first part of the digestive process in the stomach.  It is here that the body begins to break down proteins and acidifies the stomach contents.  The release of this acid bolus into the duodenum stimulates the pancreas to produce increased amounts of pancreatic enzymes and bile.  

There are negative health consequences for people who ignore these signs and symptoms of GI distress.  If your body is unable to make use of the food you are eating, malnutrition is the likely result.  In our western society we tend to be over-fed, over-weight and under nourished - in terms of even minimal nutritional requirements.

A Good Multi | consider Spirulina if necessary

I believe it is essential that every person take a well balanced and easily digested multi vitamin and mineral supplement daily.  I formulated Ultra Vites to exceed the RDIs and meet this criteria.  

Another nutritional supplement for your consideration is Spirulina capsules.  This ‘super food’ has been studied for over 30 years for the benefit it offers in a number of different health problems.  It has been proposed as one solution to malnutrition in very poor countries.

I formulated Ultra Preventive (with and without Iron) to provide Spirulina along with the other parts of this excellent formula.


It is critical that pre formed, long chain, polyunsaturated Essential Fatty Acids be supplied in the daily diet for the following reasons:
  • We don’t eat the foods that supply them
  • There are often problems with absorption secondary to inflammation in the GUT
  • The excess of arachidonic acid (an inflammatory omega 6 fatty acid) in the usual diet causes a deficiency of GLA, also an omega 6.  GLA is a critical anti inflammatory prostaglandin precursor.
  • The normal digestion of fats is often disrupted
I formulated Ultra Omega-Linic in order to supply the shortage of omega 3 EFAs, as well as the critical shortage of PG1 precursors, GLA.

GI distress symptoms

The symptoms of GI distress may indicates a need for hydrochloric acid, pepsin, and other digestive enzymes.  The ingredients in Enzymes Plus present a comprehensive approach to digestive support.

Constipation and diarrhea are often helped by adding more fiber to the diet.  We use a great, simple muffin recipe from Atkins.  Many products commercially available are also high in fiber.

In addition, constipation and GERDS may be helped by taking Ginger with meals.  Ginger increases the body’s ability to move the food along the GI tract using peristalsis.  At the same time it relaxes the sphincter between the stomach and small bowel, allowing stomach contents to pass into the small intestine.  This will often relieve the symptoms associated with esophageal reflux (GERDS) without neutralizing stomach acid, which is vital to digestion.  

Patients have reported that the Atkins low carbohydrate lifestyle modification has improved their GERDS. One reason for this may be that low carbohydrate food choices contribute to weight loss, which help the GERDS response. High carbohydrate dietary choices usually exclude nutrient-dense foods.  By definition this leads to overweight and under-nourished conditions, as well as contributing to other conditions, such as Type II Diabetes and insulin resistance.


Whenever there has been a course of antibiotic therapy or extended vomiting or diarrhea, there is a need to replenish the GUT with ‘good’ bacteria.  Ultra 4x6 Probiotics provides 4 billion colony forming units of streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus acidophilus bulgaricus and lactobacillus paracasei.

Promote Intestinal Healing

To promote intestinal healing after a bout of intestinal flu, consider raising the amount of Ultra Omega-Linic.  Be sure to take Vitamin E-400 (mixed tocopherols) with higher levels of EFAs.  Vitamin A, 10,000 IU to 20,000 IU Per day will also help the mucus membranes heal. Note: Women who are or might become pregnant should limit vitamin A to 4500 IU per day.  

Ultra-Monolaurin: studies have shown it to be effective against many pathogenic bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi.  This may help reduce the need for antibiotics.

Inflamease contains BioVin®.  These anti inflammatory  grape OPCs promote healing of the intestinal mucus membrane. Another ingredient, pineapple (bromelain), is an excellent proteolytic enzyme that also has anti inflammatory properties.

Consider Argiletz® French Green Illite Clay.   Green clays are curative volcanic ashes that detoxify and restore mineral balance. This Illite clay contains only natural materials treated mechanically without any chemical additives. As a bacteria-destroying agent it can render contaminated water innocuous.

When ingested, the clay travels along the digestive tract eliminating toxic agents and bacteria. It has a long history of use for diarrhea and other gastro intestinal problems.

Consider French Green Illite clay for Bloating, GERD, Irritable bowel (IBS), Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, stomach ache, nausea and gastritis.

A Summary of  Our ‘Western’ diet
If you are living the the United States today you are most likely ‘by definition’ eating a typical  “Western” diet.   You are buying food that is grown in many places around  the world.  Often the food is picked before it is ripe and shipped. You may assume you are NOT getting an adequate supply of important nutrients when you eat this food.   Hence the need for a good multi vitamin.  In addition, the above digestive issues should suggest to you that signs and symptoms of digestive difficulties mean that the body is not able to adequately make use of the food that is eaten.

This makes it even more important that you consider my minimum recommendations and cover the nutritional bases with nutrients which the body can use, and which it needs for health and healing.  Ultra Vites and Ultra Omega-Linic are the minimum necessary.
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  By John W Jones, MD, MPH
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