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   Why Nutrition Pure and Simple, LLC?

Nutrition Pure and Simple, LLC was founded in March 2010 in response to a need by Dr Jones to provide specific products for his Nutrition and Pain Relief medical practice in Coeur d"Alene Idaho.  These products include (but are not limited to) a superior multi vitamin formula (Ultra Vites), and an essential fatty acid formula that is made from Wild Alaska Salmon and other Alaskan fish, plus Black Currant Seed Oil (Ultra Omega-Linic   Ultra Omega-Linic provides the Long Chain Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (LC-PUFA) that are so helpful for so many health concerns, but in particular it's anti inflammatory effects help with joint pain.  Dr Jones also needed a supplement for acute pain relief.  Yucca capsules provided this alternative to NSAIDs.
Since it was necessary to have these products manufactured by a top American manufacturer in order to meet his specifications, and since we know that there are other health care professionals who want these kinds of supplements, we felt it was an opportune time for the debut of a company which will supply the needs of this particular group.
As a consequence of this beginning, John W Jones, MD, MPH is the Nutritional Consultant for Nutrition Pure and Simple.

Made in America
Why did we choose Time Laboratories?
We really like the fact that our products are manufactured in the United States by a company that uses very high standards of quality control - buying raw materials from well-respected suppliers.
Since 1972 Time Laboratories has been a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements, specially formulated herbal compounds and Phyto-Aromatic products, supplying health care professionals and the public.  Dr Jones and I had been affiliated with Time labs since the mid 1980's.
Since ours are not your usual nutritional supplements it was important to work with a company that has high standards and a sterling reputation in the industry.  Technology developed by Annemarie Buhler, the founder and president of Time Laboratories, is used in the special formulas requested by and formulated by Dr Jones.  
Time Labs' dietary supplements are research based and have been proven in clinical settings.  They use only the highest quality USA and European produced raw materials. And they employ a unique, labor intensive manufacturing process that assures stability and assimilation of nutrients.  This level of quality is an important consideration for Nutrition Pure and Simple.