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Ultra Preventive
Exceptional Multi
Ultra Omega-Linic
Essential Fatty Acids

Downloads  Dr Jones' Basic Recommendations. pdf 
Ultra Preventive pdf - a Great Multi Vitamin    
Ultra Omega-Linic pdf- necessary EFAs 

Benefit from a Health Maintenance System that works

1) What makes Ultra Preventive a Necessary Multi vitamin and mineral supplement?

  • It has the 27 nutrients you need the most!  Valued at nearly $84
  • You are likely to be deficient in most of them - without supplementation
  • We provide high levels of B Vitamins - especially high Folic and B 12 - helpful for older adults
  • Get your Vitamin D3 - especially if you seldom get sunshine on your skin
  • Absorbable Minerals - which your body can easily use to keep you going
  • Lycopene - to help you make natural Carotenoids
  • Boron  - for healthy bones
It is common knowledge that we all need nutritional supplementation; but do you know why that is?  Studies have shown that in order to meet the minimum daily requirements, one must consume at least 1100 calories of nutrient dense foods.  None of these calories can come from “naked calories” such as sugar.   This means that a person on a 1000 calorie diet cannot meet the minimum daily requirements, much less the optimal levels, without supplementation.  Ultra Vites is formulated so as to provide daily supplementation which exceed the RDIs.

2) Ultra Omega-Linic - Why it is BETTER than just fish oil

You know that Fish Oil has been recommended for many health conditions and concerns.   But do you know
  • "Essential" fatty acids means 'You HAVE TO HAVE THEM"
  • Eating Fish regularly, especially oily fish, is not a regular part of our Western Diets
  • Benefit from Black Currant Seed oil.  This provides GLA, which is anti inflammatory and SDA - a plant source for more EPA
  • When all of the pre formed essential fatty acids are present (as in Ultra Omega-Linic), the effect is more powerful
  • Our Alaska fish oil comes from pristine protected waters
  • Our fish oil has been filtered, so there is no fish protein - and no Burps!
Not sure how to decide between Ultra Preventive and Ultra Vites?  Click HERE for a comparison.
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