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5 Ways to combat Cholesterol MYTHS! by John W Jones, MD

Cholesterol is necessary for life. It is a precursor for steroid hormones and is a precursor for parts of all cell membranes. We have been led to believe that too much of this good thing is a risk factor for Coronary Heart Disease (CHD); indeed many studies indicate that this is true

  1. Avoid statin drugs if possible. They HAVE been proven to cause terrible health problems. Be sure you understand the possible side effects and consult with your doctor for other alternatives before starting any statin drug. One the the most negative effects is an interference with the production of Coenzyme Q10.
  2. Eat a low carbohydrate diet. It HAS been proven to improve the LDL:HDL cholesterol ratios. It normalizes serum lipids much more efficiently than a low fat diet. The weight loss and the lipid normalization reduce cardiovascular and other risk factors
  3. Use Ultra Omega-Linic.   These essential fatty acids at 8 per day increase all the benefits of “good cholesterol” - not to minimize the benefit for Arthritis and beautiful skin and hair...
    • HDL is increased, thereby improving the LDL/HDL ratio;
    • Platelet aggregation is decreased;
    • Plasma triglycerides are reduced by an average of 30 percent or more.
  4. Have your thyroid tested.   It is intimately tied to cholesterol levels. This was the early way to measure thyroid function. If the thyroid is not functioning well the cholesterol levels increase.
  5. Add Loresterol if more control is needed. Loresterol is a combination of Policosanol and Hesperidin These ingredients have been proven to reduce total cholesterol more effectively than statin drugs with NO significant side effects. They do NOT interfere with the production of CoQ10.

This approach is EFFECTIVE without the side effect of drugs!

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