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Opti-Licorice and Ultra Omega-Linic
a one-two punch for Arthritis

  • Licorice has been used to help Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years
  • It decreases free radicals at the site of inflammation
  • It reduces the progression of collagen-induced arthritis (the protein found in connective tissues)
  • Licorice has many other uses:  it is most beneficial for inflammation of the lungs, bowels and skin
About Opti-Licorice: 200 mg Glycyrrhiza glabra 4:1 concentrate equivalent to 800 mg licorice
It is the highest quality HPCL analyzed

Ultra Omega-Linic
provides essential fatty acids to combat joint destruction and relieve inflammation
  • GLA | gamma linilenic acid
  • EPA | eicosapentaenoic acid
  • DHA | docosapentaenoic acid

We use Wild Alaskan Salmon oil from pristine protected waters and Black Currant seed oil

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