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Fast Aid Pack

Fast help for common skin irritations, sunburn, and inflammation

  1. DermAid: For common skin irritations, burns, scratches or bites
  2. After Sun Repair: Serious relief from the heat and pain of sunburn and inflammation
  3. Everlast:  Fast, dramatic responder for bumps and bruises
  4. Phyto-Flex Treatment: Natural pain relieving lotion with MSM, capsicum and Arnica

  4 GREAT products -   GREAT cost saving over buying each product separately

Dramatic responder for bumps and bruises .
Too much sun?  Skiing bumps & bruises?  Vacation sun-burn?  Have this Pack handy!

The abundance of rich, phyto-active ingredients in our advanced skin care line will help replenish, repair and protect your skin by offering you the highest level of active ingredients available in the industry. 
DermAid: 1 oz For common skin irritations, burns, scratches or bites
The antimicrobial properties of tea tree essential oil combined with carrot seed and lavender help protect from infections and accelerate cell regeneration.  Hypericum extract (St. John’s Wort), purifies, soothes, and protects skin tissue.  Aloe vera gel with complex amino acids, minerals, and enzymes, including polysaccharides, silica, and glycoproteins adds additional skin benefits. Panthenol(provitamin Vitamin B5) promotes healing with its regenerative properties. To complete this balanced formula, Indian balsam, natural vitamins A & E, and trace minerals help to give relief from most common skin irritations.

After Sun Repair: 1 oz Serious relief from the heat and pain of sunburns & inflammation
After Sun Repair is a unique formula, delivering fast relief from the heat and pain of sunburn, skin irritation, and inflammation.  Aloe and lavender help to soothe, heal, and protect skin tissue.   A unique blend of amino acids offers exceptional emollient properties while panthenol, Monoi de Tahiti and jojoba oil further hydrate and revitalize.   Trace  minerals are added to assist the absorption of the phyto-nutrients while helping to  rejuvenate damaged skin
Everlast: 1 oz  Fast, dramatic responder for bumps and bruises
A high concentration of arnica extract and helichrysum essential oil help accelerate the healing process and soothe discomfort.  Arnica extract is well known for its reviving, soothing, and pain relieving properties.  Helichrysum essential oil, also called Everlasting or Imortelle, is popularly known as the “bumps and bruises eraser.”  All types of skin conditions respond quickly and dramatically to this healing oil.  Everlast’s formula is further enhanced with chamomile essential oil and vitamin E to help regenerate cells and increase skin elasticity.
Phyto-flex treatment:  2 oz  Natural pain relieving lotion with MSM, capsicum and arnica
Penetrating MSM, along with the natural pain relieving qualities of capsicum, arnica, and a synergistic essential oil blend provide deep, long-lasting relief for general aches or pains. MSM is a sulfur compound, clinically tested for both internal and topical use with great  success as an effective, natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent.  Arnica, rich in fatty acids and vitamins is renown for it’s powerfully soothing and pain relieving  properties. Capsicum is a centuries old remedy for pain relief.

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