A Cold & Flu Special | Monolaurin & Elderberry Plus

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Buy Both: A Cost-Saving-Bundle for the Cold and Flu Season.  Buy each separately for nearly $50

Worried that your loved ones could end up with a bad cold or flu?

Take our double pack of natural, powerful protection and rest assured.

Wholly Protective

Ultra Monolaruin benefits
Our Monolaurin offers more protection for less cost than other forms of Monolaurin

Completely Natural Protection

A distillate of Coconut Oil
Monolaurin occurs NATURALLY in Mother's breast milk.  Plus Ultra Monolaurin contains medium chain fatty acids from Coconut Oil.

Perfect for all Ages

Great for everyone
If you are very young, very old, have asthma or a compromised immune system, you are at risk!  Viruses and germs lurk everywhere!

Knock it Back!

Easy to take
Our Monolaurin is Easy to Take.
Toss it back.  Drink something cool - the crystals just slide down.
Follow up with chocolate! (smile)

Don't Miss Out On the Benefits
 - Dodge Cold and Flu

Ultra Monolaruin and Ultra Elderberry Plus
are more powerful when used together
so we bundled them up.

In Stock NOW

Cold and Flu Defense

Hurry!  These are flying off the Shelf
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