Fleurs de Joie Synergiy

Fleurs de Joie Synergy from Nutrition Pure and Simple (888) 953 5553
Price: $30.00

Synergies: Pure and genuine essential oils in a base of jojoba oil. 

Size: 10 oz roll on

ScentsProprietary Signature Blend

This ancient tradition of aromatic practice requires the skillful
selection of fragrant essences found in complex plants, transforming
them into high quality essential oils and absolutes such as those
chosen for Fleurs de Joie, our premier all natural fragrance.

Fleurs de Joie Synergy  is a sweet, smooth medley of exotic absolutes and essential oils   It is reminiscent of Gardenia, Jasmine & Rose.  It comes in a handy roll on bottle.

FLEURS DE JOIE begins with a rich blend of herbaceous lavender, intoxicating jasmine, velvety vanilla and exotic tuberose, topped with a fresh floral note of magnolia and a splash of cypress in a base of coconut and jojoba oil.

Customers purchasing essential oils are assumed to have full knowledge of their use, properties, safety precautions, dosage or to be under the care of a qualified healthcare professional.
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