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Restore Facial Care Collection Starter

Visible Professional Skin Care Results

Restore Collection Starter - for problem, imbalanced skin conditions

   1 4 oz Seaweed Soap-Free Cleanser,
   1 4 oz Seaweed Toning Mist,
   1 2 oz AntiOx Moisture Creme and
   1 1 oz Anti Ox Serum

Antioxidants: Produced normally within the body, oxidant free radicals serve a useful purpose of destroying  bacteria and viruses. But, if unchecked by antioxidants, rampant free radicals trigger a destructive chain reaction of electron exchange that damages healthy cellular and genetic material. The body controls oxidant free radicals by a defense system of enzymes and antioxidants that relies heavily on cooperative antioxidants derived from fruits, vegetables, and other natural foods and substances.

AntiOx Moisture Creme and Anti-Ox Serum are non-oily formulas, designed to penetrate the skin and optimize the benefits of superior antioxidant ingredients.
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