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A Pure Carrier Oil for Essential Oils

Hazlenut Oil

Sizes:  4 oz a
About Pure Hazlenut Oil

Cold or Expeller pressed oil

Natural Vitamin E added to increase shelf life

Corylus avellana

Hazelnut Oil | Corylus avellana

Obtained from the hazel nut, Hazelnut Oil contains a good complement of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential fatty acids and is a highly desirable moisturizing and emulsifying ingredient for superior cosmetic preparations.  A light oil with astringent and toning properties, it is specifically used to firm and tighten skin, strengthen capillaries, and maintain tissue elasticity. Moreover, Hazelnut is frequently employed as a facial oil for its nourishing and  softening qualities and cytophylactic properties.

Lubricating and nourishing, it is readily absorbed and an especially good choice for oily, blemished, or combination skin. A pale yellow, thinly textured oil with a nutty aroma, it can be used alone as a base but more often it is no more than 10% of any formulation.

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