Grape Seed Oil (Vitis vinifera)

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About Grape Seed Oil

Cold or expeller pressed oil

Natural Vitamin E added to increase shelf life

Grape Seed Oil | Vitis vinifera

Extracted from grape seeds, this very light, highly penetrative oil is ideal for massage therapy.  Rich in essential fatty acids, it also contains a good share of vitamins and minerals. Grape Seed Oil is beneficial for all skin types but particularly, owing to its mildly astringent properties, for problem and oily skin.  Its rapid and thorough dermal absorption penetrates even congested, resistant skin. Its highly effective antioxidant properties help to enhance the quality, health, and vitality of the skin.

The oil has a delicate aroma, a smooth, satiny texture, and a light to scarcely visible green hue.  It works well as a single base carrier or as a blend ingredient.

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