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Ultra Jet Diffusor Deluxe for Essential Oils

There are several ways to diffuse essential oils utilizing different principles of operation. The first method is to use ultrasonic vibration on a mixed pool of essential oil and water. This method has the disadvantage of generally requiring a large dilution of a few drops of essential oil into hundreds of milliliters of water. Another method is to use a resistiveheating element to heat liquid essential oil in order to vaporize the liquid oil into a gas. This approach has the disadvantage of the heat used potentially altering the chemical makeup of the essential oil. Due to the aforementioned disadvantages of these methods, Time Laboratories instead uses a novel method that does not require heat or water. Our diffusers use a patented assembly containing an atomizing jet in order to suspend undiluted liquid essential oil droplets as a fine mist in an air stream. 

            Time Laboratories diffusers utilize fundamental principles of fluid dynamics to deliver a fine mist of undiluted essential oil. The diffuser jet assembly housing works as a venturi which utilizes a fast moving air stream to draw essential oil out of the bottle, through the liquid jet, and into a fluid chamber.  Then the essential oil and air exit this chamber by being forced through an atomizing jet which reduces the liquid essential oil to a fine mist of  particles suspended in the air stream. Subsequently the air essential oil mixture passes through a baffled chamber which serves to further refine the mist by removing any remaining large liquid particles. Finally, the mixture leaves the assembly and enters the outside air as a refined mist, free of any large droplets which might otherwise cohere and land on surrounding surfaces. This approach utilizes custom precision mechanical components engineered to diffuse a concentrated mist of essential oil into the air.



  • All in one oak case stores the Ultra Jet Diffusor.
  • It has space for one 1/2 oz essential oil bottle and includes a cobalt blue bottle for essential oils.
  • Our Deluxe Diffusor includes 1/2 oz Refresher pure essential oil combination.
  • The quiet and adjustable Tetra Whisper Air Pump covers 2000 + sq ft.
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