Spruce (Canada) Essential Oil

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Medical Study antibacterial
100% Pure and Genuine Essential Oil
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Spruce (Canada) Picea alba

Plant:  Tree        Source:  needles
Source:  A clear, colorless oil steam-distilled from the branch needles and twigs of the evergreen tree.
Odor:  A coniferous, balsamic, forest scent.
Properties:  tonic, respirant, bracing, steadying, replenishing
Common Uses:  inhalation, massage, sport blends, diffusor, baths, spritzers.   Spruce is commonly used for grounding, nervous system tonic, supports adrenals, antispasmodic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory.  Also
skin care: antiseptic, acne, bacterial and fungal infections

The Canadian Spruce (Picea canadensis), also known as White Spruce (P. alba, P. glauca), is a member of the distinguished Pinaceae family that also yields Pine and Fir Needle oils that share similar properties and uses as well as scent.

In aromatherapy, their bracing, stimulating odor, and their purifying properties, make them particularly desirable for inhalation therapies, including aerosols and diffusors.

The topical effects of Spruce predictably include increased circulation.  Like other pine needle oils, it too can be versatilely applied by compress, in liniments, foot baths, or in massage therapy, especially in sport blends.

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