Sandalwood (India) Santalum album Essential Oil

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 PubMed Studies:  anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-dermatitis, anti-cancer<.a>
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 Sandalwood (India) Santalum album

Plant:  Tree      Source:  wood
Source:  The comminuted heartwood of the tree is dried, then distilled to yield a pale yellow to brownish yellow oil.
Odor:  A softly sweet, woodsy balsamic aroma.
Properties:  purifying, astringent, grounding, euphoric
Common Uses:  lotions, massage, sitz baths, spritzers, fixative.  Sandalwood is also used for stress, depression, bronchitis, laryngitis, leucorrhea, meditation aid. Also - skin care: sensitive, dry, chapped, mature, dermatitis, normalizes sebum secretion, scars, stretch marks

A celebrated favorite of Oriental incense and perfumery, Sandalwood is also an important oil in Indian Ayurveda used to treat a variety of conditions including throat afflictions, skin and varicose conditions, or other ills in which Sandalwood’s properties are useful.

Like the Cedarwood tree, Sandalwood is strongly resistant to parasites, insects, and weathering.  Its euphoric, aphrodisiacal effects resemble those of Rosewood and are considered valuable to yoga and other meditative disciplines.

Sandalwood is a wonderfully fragrant fixative in all essential oil blends for spritzers, skin and body care cremes and lotions.  It can be therapeutic in sitz baths, massage, and compresses.
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