Rose Otto (Bulgaria) Essential Oil

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 Common Uses:
  • Skin Care
  • Fragrance
  • Spritzers 
  • Baths
  • Massage
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 Rose Otto (Bulgaria) Rosa damascena

Plant:  bush      Source:  flowers
Source:  A pale yellow-to-greenish yellow oil distilled with cohobation from freshly gathered flowers of the bush.
Odor:  A rich beeswax, powerfully sweet-floral scent with a slight spicy note.
Properties:  cytophylactic, regulative, rejuvenative, purifying, euphoric, soothing, balancing, calming
Uses:  skin care, fragrance, spritzers, baths, massage, lotions, inhalation, compress

The distilled Rose oil known as Rose Otto or Attar is the more expensive of the two kinds of Rose oil, the other being Rose Absolute, an essence produced by an elaborate solvent extraction process.  The distilled Rose essential oil is preferred for aromatherapy purposes.  To preserve the constituency and yield of this more costly oil, a complex distillation process involving cohobation (a procedure by which the waters collected in the receivers are returned to the distillation vessels to recover dissolved essential oil) is used to retain the water-soluble components within the system and the oil.  Besides Rosa damascena, two other varieties, Rosa centifolia and Rosa gallica, also yield popular absolutes and attars. Rose’s luxurious scent and versatile qualities assist both mind and body.  Its soothing, nourishing, and purifying properties for skin and body care are particularly worth experiencing in baths, fragrances, and massage.

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