Ravensara Organic (Madagascar) Essential Oil

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PubMed Study: anti-allergic
100% Pure and Genuine Essential Oil
  • Low methyl chavicol
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Ravensara, Organic (Madagascar) Ravensare aromatica

Plant:  plant     Source:  leaves and stems
Source:  Clear-to-pale essential oil steam-distilled sometimes from the fruit and bark but more often the leaves of the tree.
Odor:  Camphorous, much like Rosemary, Eucalyptus, or a melaleuca.
Properties:  cleansing, purifying, nervine, rejuvenative, respirant, immunostimulant, stimulating, vitalizing
Common Uses:  inhalation, skin care, massage, compress, sport blends.  Ravensara is antimicrobial, anti-allergic, analgesic, antispasmodic, antidepressant.  It is used for skin care: bacterial and fungal infections

Indigenous to Madagascar, it is praised by the native people as “the oil that heals.”  Like Tea Tree, Ravensara is a broad-spectrum oil with energizing immune stimulating properties.  Additionally it is particularly beneficial as a respirant.  It has been used effectively for colds and flu, cankers and cold sores, and it is also an excellent treatment for athlete’s foot.

Either direct or diluted, Ravensara can likewise be applied as freely as Tea Tree oil in massage, compresses, baths, or skin preparations, and is an even more pleasant inhalant.

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