Patchouli (Indonesia) Essential Oil

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PubMed Studies: suppresses colon inflammation, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, helps prevent photoaging of the skin
100% Pure and Genuine Essential Oil
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Patchouli  (Indonesia) Pogostemon cablin

Plant:  plant       Source:  leaves
Source:  An amber-orange oil steam-distilled from the dried, lightly fermented leaves of the plant.
Odor:  A complex, richly sweet balsamic and heavy earthy aroma.
Properties:  cleansing, purifying, cytophylactic, arousing, aphrodisiac, grounding
Common Uses:  skin and scalp care, salves & ointments, fragrance, spritzers, massage, foot treatments, lotions, fixative.  Patchouli is grounding, uplifting, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, anti-insomnia, digestive aid, antimicrobial, meditation aid, insect repellent.  it is used for skin care: mature, wrinkled, chapped, eczema, psoriasis

Patchouli’s universal fame as an aphrodisiac and euphoric began in India where it remains immensely popular as a fragrance fixative and incense mainstay.  Its qualities and aroma are thought to improve with age.  The people of India have likewise been equally aware of Patchouli’s benefits for nearly every skin, scalp, and foot condition, for venomous bites and stings, and for sores and wounds.  Generally, Patchouli is an excellent insect repellent and antiphlogistic skin care agent.  The oil is well worth including in room and body fresheners, foot and body baths, compresses, and stress-relief massage.

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