Ginger Root (China) Essential Oil

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PubMed Studies:  anti - inflammatory, antiarthritic, pain management,  immunomodulatory, gastroprotective, anti - nausea 
100% Pure and Genuine Essential Oil
  • Low methyl chavicol
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 Ginger Root (China) Zingiber officinale

Plant:  plant        Source:  root
Source:  A pale yellow to amber-greenish oil steam-distilled from the dried root of the herb.
Odor:  A distinctively spicy, slightly raw, woody aroma.
Properties:  cleansing, purifying, rubefacient, rejuvenative, stimulative, tonic, aphrodisiac
Common Uses:  dyspepsia, liniments, massage, sport & cellulite blends.  Ginger is used to combat fatigue.  It is used to treat nausea, digestive complaints, respiratory complaints, muscle aches and pains, inflammatory conditions, sprains, strains, colds and flu, fever, infectious disease
skin care: inflammatory skin conditions.

Caution: Dermal Irritant - Essential Oil General Precautions

Ginger is an international favorite spice used extensively in foods and fragrancing, as a tea, and in various beverages, 

Ginger is equally sought-after as a stimulating and fortifying tonic for poor circulation, nervous conditions, mental and physical fatigue.

The more familiar use of Ginger is as a culinary spice is valued as much for its therapeutic affect upon nausea, travel sickness, and other digestive conditions, as it is for its famous flavor.  Ginger’s analgesic and rubefacient properties, effective after sports or exercise for muscle and joint pain, are released in liniments, compresses, and massage therapy, wherein proper dilution is important to avoid any dermal irritation.

 This information is intended as an informational guide only.  Anyone with a serious health condition should consult a qualified health professional.

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