Frankincense (Boswellia) Essential Oil

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100% Pure and Genuine Essential Oil
  • Low methyl chavicol
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Frankincense (Somalia)  Boswellia carteri
Plant:  Tree      Source:  resin
Source:  The whitish tree resin or gum is dissolved and distilled to create a yellowish-to-deep amber oil.
Odor:  A rich and warm, exotically woody balsamic.
Properties:  cleansing, purifying, cytophylactic, rejuvenative, meditative, protective, replenishing, clarifying
Uses:   fragrance, skin care, inhalation, massage, lotions, baths, salves & ointments.  May be useful for inflammation.

 Boswellia carteri is generally regarded as the best variety of Frankincense, which is sometimes referred to as Olibanum.  Its storied reputation dating from Biblical times is as a precious ingredient in incense and as a fixative in fragrancing.  But Frankincense also has equally valuable therapeutic properties for many skin conditions beyond its cosmetic value as a dry skin and wrinkle remedy.  Frankincense performs as well in baths, compresses, and spritzers as it does in body lotions and facial oils.  Its marvelous fragrance is most beneficial by steam or other methods of inhalation and contributes to a truly unique aromatic massage.
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