Chamomile, Roman (England) Essential Oil

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 PubMed Studies: anti - inflammatory, sedative, antioxidant, hypoglycemic, anti - metabolic disorder, antiedemic,  antioxidant, hypotensive
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Chamomile, Roman (England) Anthemis nobilis

Plant: herb     Source: flowers 
Source:  The flower heads of the herb offer a pale blue (may turn yellowish with time) essential oil extracted by steam distillation.
Odor:  Intensely fruity, herbaceous apple-like aroma.
Properties: antispasmodic, rejuvenative, nervine, soothing, restorative, cytophylactic, antiphlogistic
Uses:  skin care, massage, inhalation, compress, sport blends, baths
Consider for Inflammation

An amazingly versatile oil, Roman Chamomile is particularly prized as a topical application for various skin disorders and its usefulness in dermatology and cosmetic treatments.  Roman Chamomile is a mildly sedative tonic for occasional sleeplessness or agitation.  A superlative oil for most any sport massage as well as other massage therapies, Roman Chamomile is also effectively utilized in compresses, baths, facial oils, and inhalation therapies. 

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