Cypress (Spain) Essential Oil

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PubMed Studies: antimicrobial, anti-cancer
100% Pure and Genuine Essential Oil
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Cypress (Spain) Cupressus sempervirens

Plant: Tree         Source:  leaves

Source:  The pale yellow to greenish oil is steam-distilled from the needles and twigs of the evergreen tree.
Odor:  A bitter coniferous, balsamic scent somewhat reminiscent of Juniper or, some say, of Cistus oil.
Properties:  styptic, deodorant, relaxing, soothing.  May be useful for Hemorrhoids.
Common Uses:  sitz bath, compress, skin care, massage, diffusor

The famed “Italian” Cypress is cultivated and revered throughout the Mediterranean for its beauty and utility. It is vasoconstrictive and styptic for all kinds of vascular problems (such as hemorrhoids and varicosity) or conditions of fluid discharges or secretions.  Deodorizing, solvent, and astringent for various skin conditions, Cypress is effectively applied in foot baths, sitz baths, compresses, facial oils, and cellulite massage.  It is also Anti tussive (anti cough), anti infectious.

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