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GLA - The Forgotten PRE formed, Long Chain, PolyUnsaturated Essential Fatty Acid  (LC-PUFA)
Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) was the first essential fatty acid to be studied in depth - about 30 years or so ago.  For awhile it was very popular for women who were suffering from PMS.  Then, the fish oil, krill oil and algal oil 'revolution' pushed GLA aside.
Today, Ultra Omega-Linic is one of a very few fish oil supplements that contains GLA.

The Ancient Art of Essential Oils

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Here are a few common ways that Essential Oils are used: Inhalation, Baths, Foot Soaks, Steam Facial/Sinus Inhalation, Shiny Hair, Healthy Scalp & Skin, Pain relief, Compress & Massage, Air Fresheners, Body Balms, Tonics & Spritzers, and they help balance Moods and Emotions (for real).

We have done the work for you by incorporating essential oils into our Nutritional Supplements, Herbal formulation, Non-Toxic Skin Care Products and Windrose Aromatics Pure and Genuine Essential Oil dynamite combinations.

Easy ways to use Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Rosemary and Eucalyptus - the Pure and Genuine Essential oils in our Companion Pack

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Now with Active Methyl B Vitamins

Ultra Vites - now with Active Methyl B-Vitamins - Unlock your Potential

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