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Time Laboratories

Time Labs is the manufacturer of our product line.  Many of them were formulated by our Nutritional Director, John W Jones, MD, MPH.  

When you buy from us you are buying quality products which give you the results you seek   Isn't that unusual?  You may find that they are a great bargain!  After all, you get what you pay for - no more, no less - and they are made in the United States.
Because we are distributors for Time Labs.  You will find all their products on this web site.

A word about Time Laboratories.

This American company followed Good Manufacturing Practices before it became law.  All raw materials come from well respected American and European sources, and are analyzed for purity and quality.

These are not your usual nutritional supplements. Technology developed by Annemarie Buhler, the founder and president of Time Laboratories, is used in these special formulas.  She was instrumental in the development of the first true time-release process used for vitamins and minerals.  Product development uses labor intensive processes and testing to ensure availability to the body.

Since 1972, Time Laboratories has been a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements, specially formulated herbal compounds, and Phyto-Aromatic products, supplying doctors, integrative health care professionals, retailers and the public.  Their Phyto-Aromatic Collections include anti-aging Skin & Body Care, Aromatherapy Massage Treatments, a Phyto-Aromatic Bath Collection, the Phyto-Aromatic Kid’s Collection for infants and children, as well as specialty and gift products.

The company’s founder and president, Annemarie Buhler, is an innovative and highly respected formulator who brings more than thirty years of education and expertise in phytotherapy from Europe to the United States. Known internationally for her skill and dedication to phyto-aromatherapy, Mrs. Buhler was selected in 1993 as the U.S. delegate to the International Conference for Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy in Tunisia. Annemarie’s Granddaughter, Annette Davis is a Certified Nutritionist who has been with Time Laboratories since 1989.

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