Essential Fatty Acids


Pure Fish Oil from Alaska - Plus Black Currant Seed oil


Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids

These good fats are essential because the body MUST have them and cannot make them.   Its a Fact:  we don't eat oily fish like salmon 2-3 times per week.    Good fats perform many vital functions in human health. They enhance heart health and fight inflammation.   A very large percentage of the brain is made up of essential fatty acids.  GLA (gamma linolenic acid) from Black currant seed oil provides anti inflammatory benefit.   GLA increases the effectiveness of the fish oil.   
Ultra Omega-Linic is a mixture of high EPA from Wild Alaska Salmon and other Deep Water Cold Water Fish Oils.   It has Black Currant seed oil, which is rich in GLA and SDA.  Black Currant seed oil is one of the few vegetable sources of both omega 3 (SDA) and omega 6 (GLA)
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See also our Tinctures and Carrier oils with high levels of GLA  (gamma linolenic acid):  Black Currant seed oil,  Borage seed oil, Oil of Evening Primrose and Rosehips.  Read about this anti inflammatory miracle. for a better understanding of why we feel it is such an important ingredient in Ultra Omega-Linic