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Information from Time Labs about Manufacturing Practices | Made in the U.S.A.
  This GMP Compliant company has been a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements since 1972
A tribute to Annemarie Buhler, the founder and president of Time Labs.   
     Mrs Buhler was an innovative and highly respected formulator who contributed more than thirty years of education and expertise to the health care industry.  For instance, she was instrumental in the development of the first true time-release process used for vitamins and minerals.  Known internationally for her skill and dedication to phyto-aromatherapy, She brought her expertise from Europe to the United States. 

     We rely on the expertise of Annemarie's granddaughter, Annette Davis, who is a Certified Nutritionist who has been with Time Laboratories since 1989. 
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 A discussion on the Standardization of Herbs
Magnesium Stearate information
Minimum Daily Requirements - RDIs
Aromatherapy Studies

 Products & Topics

   Health Tips - Dr Jones' Laws    Tips from John W Jones, MD, MPH
   A Testimonial about Ultra Adrenal Complex
Coping with Radiation in Daily Living
 Coenzyme Q10 for Healthy Gums
Digestion,  what is supposed to happen  Is it a cold?  Is it the Flu?
  Information about our Wild Alaskan Salmon fish Oil     
  Help for your GI Tract
  Dr Hollick's Vitamin D Levels
  Looking for Quality Nutritional Supplements?
  Ginger Benefits
 Suggestions for Infections
  Monolaurin  Monolaurin usage and Dosage
  MSM Lotion - topical Pain Relief
 Products for the Cold & Flu Season
  Quality Matters
 Samolinic - What happened to it?
  Radiation in Daily Living
 Radical Resilience
  Ultra 4x6 Probiotics   Ultra Omega-Linic
Salon & Spa Skin Care  - from Nature's Lab
 Beautiful Skin with Argiletz Green Illite  Clay  

 Kid's Gift Bouquet
  Other Ingredients in Skin Care Products
Windrose Aromatics | Essential Oils
 From the Plant to the Bottle
  How to Care for Essential Oils
 Aroma therapy - Make it yourself
  Easy Aromatherapy
 An Aroma Massage
  An Aroma Bath 
 Cold and Flu Essential Oils
 Benefits of the Companion Pack
 Essential Oil Uses and Blending Suggestions  Essential Oil Cautions
 Quality Assurance