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Especial Facial Care

Especial Facial Care with Polish and Masques

Apply the Masques, See the Glow

Prep your skin
Improve your skin’s ability to absorb and utilize valuable nutrients and moisturizing agents.
Exfoliation is important for sufficient hydration - essential for healthy skin.  Even though the skin exfoliates naturally, for most of us this process has been impaired or otherwise diminished, robbing us of smooth, relaxed, glowing skin. Lacking proper hydration, people of all ages endure a variety of skin imbalances.

Help renew your skin’s natural radiance, exfoliation by regularly polishing or buffing your skin sloughs away the dry, dead cells, helps restore the skin’s ability to absorb and utilize valuable nutrients and moisturizing agents - encouraging replenished hydration, refined texture, and restored elasticity.

Moisture Masques
Boost the skin cell’s renewal process by applying our moisture masques.  The truly regenerating effects occur by dissolving dead skin cells and drawing out impurities - refining overall texture;  by accelerating cellular turnover - improving hydration and plumping up skin tissue;  and by allowing the skin to maximize absorption of active phyto-nutrients from topical skin preparations. Apply the moisture masques regularly and see your skin glow.

We offer you the finest quality and highest level of active ingredients available in the industry.