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John W Jones, MD, MPH

John W Jones, MD

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Enjoy the Outdoors

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We began our company in 2009 in response to a need by Dr Jones for quality nutritional supplements for his Nutrition and Pain Relief practice (he has since retired).   When you add up our individual life experiences and add our resources from Time Laboratories, we bring you over 300 years of knowledge and experience in the medical and nutritional supplementation field. We are proud to be an American Company, a distributor for Time Laboratories (a high quality manufacturer).  We provide products manufactured in America, using high quality raw materials from well respected America and European countries.  Whether you are seeking Nutritionals, or Skin Care or Essential Oils for Aromatherapy, we can meet your needs.

In addition, we are small enough that we can provide one-on-one support for your health concerns and product recommendations.  Contact us at 1.888.953.5553

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